Website Design and Development

We have heard about website design and web development which are often terms very similar and have the same concept.
But as professionals, these are different. But we do both simultaneously, we do design and development, we are designers and developers.

What is Design and Development?

Website design and development refers to designing for the web, which involves both user experience and user interaction. Web design includes layout, color schemes, typography, graphics, images and navigation. Web design and development ensures that the website is responsive and functions well on every device and in terms of technical aspects too. On the other hand, website design and development refers to the process of designing a single website. It mainly focuses on the visual aspect of the site. It addresses mainly the appearance and presentation of the site rather than user experience.

As per the visual aspect, the best website design and development practices includes layout, color scheme, typography, graphics or images, navigation, branding. Layout design plays an important role in selecting a proper visual grid and outline for the entire website. It is the best way to structure the content and represent the brand with the client's needs and ideas. The structure of content can be classified as structure, visual hierarchy, proximity laws and interface patterns. The structure plays an important role because it acts as a base on which everything fits. Once the structure for a website is decided, we can move out for the color selection. The color should represent the brand, and should give the proper message through color. Many designers choose the color theory to create their palette which has the right contrast.

Roles in Website Development

Graphics play around the font, images, components and elements in order to create unique website design. The design should stand out from the other website. Font and typography have an important role in website design. The font should be modern, easy to read, and should attract the audience. Much like colors, font also acts as a major part in designing the website, as the website includes lots of information and blogs or articles. As the whole, the color and font as one, represent the readability of the website. In terms of interaction, the elements such as buttons, sliders, and animation to engage users, needs to be responsive and attractive.

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website design and development

Branding of Website

In a website branding, the content is more important when compared to layout and font of a website. It is also important for SEO. The content should reflect the image of your business and what the service you offer. The overall layout should give what the user expects. The content and design should align with the proper way and should satisfy the user experience.