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Website development refers to creating, building and maintaining websites and web applications that run online on a browser.
Do we know what type of web development is available? Front end, black end and full- stack.

Web Development and Applications

What Does Web Development Mean?

Front end allows users to access and interact with the site or application. Front end web developers mainly focus on translating the customer demand or requirement into website design code. Back end is the process of building components for running the application and ensuring it performs the way it should. The components include data storage, infrastructure, integration and code written in one or more programming languages. Users can only look and feel the view of the front end. Full stack web development includes both front and back end combined, where the developers responsible for the site or app of the entire development.

Web developers use a variety of website development languages depending upon the task given. Programming languages used for front end development include HTML, CSS, JavaScript and front-end development framework are ready made code and components such as pre written standard functions, so there is no need to build components from scratch. The available website development framework is Angular, React, Vue.Js, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Svelte, Preact and Ember.Js. Extended to other languages like Ruby, C/C++, python, java, Golang and C# for back-end development. The database includes relational and NoSQL databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL.

Applications in Web Development

Have you ever heard types of different web applications? There are six types of web applications available. Web are handling development professionally by Cochin web developers Kerala.

Static web application, Dynamic web application, E-commerce web application, Single page application and Progressive web application.

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Web Design

Web Development Phases

Web development processes include the purpose of building a website, planning, creating designs demanded by clients, gathering related content, building, testing, uploading and marketing & maintenance. Apart from these, how do websites stand out from each other? The code plays a vital role, each word has a great impact to affect the reach of the page like each stone helps us to build a wall. So, source code should be focused based on Search Engine Optimization.

Web Development in Business

Web Development is a best opportunity for current online market

The lifespan of a website is giving you an extra layer for your business on the basic trends. Digital technology is evolving so the web site is necessary. You can upgrade your website to the specific need to attract the right audience. As we could conclude with our exploration of web development, creativity has no limits and the web acts as medium for your ideas, stories, innovations. Keep inspiring life through your content and creativity.

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Web Design